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Crown & Bridge Post Op Instructions


The temporary crowns or bridges are placed during the period between the initial preparation and the cementing of the permanent crown or bridge.

Common Issues after Tooth Prep

  • Sore gum tissue, due to prepping closely at the gingival margins
  • Sensitivity to hot, cold, and air, so please refrain from eating hot and cold foods.
  • When tooth decay is close to the nerve and you are experiencing extreme or spontaneous pain such as not being able to sleep or severe throbbing pain, please call the office. Root Canal Therapy may be need.
  • If you do not keep the temporary work in place until the permanent work is placed your teeth may shift and the permanent crown or bridges may not fit properly.
  •  Occlusion too high

Rules of Thumb

  • Avoid eating sticky and hard foods.
  • Floss by pull through the contact — do not floss up and down, because you may loosen the temporary crown.   
  • If the temporary crown or bridge comes off or breaks, please call the office immediately for another temporary crown or bridge to be place.

If the acrylic temporary crown or bridge does come off and your unable come into the office, you can reseat it on the tooth yourself using any denture adhesive or temporary cement found at your local pharmacy.


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